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Custom Recycled Glass Countertops

Dakota Surfaces produces and installs environmentally friendly custom countertops made from crushed, recycled glass. They are locally produced from mainly locally sourced materials that were otherwise destined for the land fill, and are themselves made in a way that creates very little waste. These eco-friendly countertops are not only durable and zero-maintenance, but the color and design options are nearly endless.

Servicing the Greater Minneapolis—St. Paul Area in Minnesota.

Product Samples

Dakota Surfaces’ countertops are highly customizable, friendly to the environment and require minimal maintenance.

Highly Customizable

Samples displayed here represent a tiny fraction of the possible color combinations, and each can be altered to suit.

Environmentally Friendly

Our countertops are bound using a zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) epoxy matrix that is not only environmentally friendly, but they are also created in a way that produces little waste.

Low Maintenance

Dakota Surfaces' countertops are easy to maintain. Follow the common sense steps in our care and maintenance guide to extend the lifespan of your countertops well beyond the warranty.

5-Year Warranty

Products produced by Dakota Surfaces are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase.


The binding material is a zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) epoxy resin, which is basically a very strong plastic. The crushed glass that is used for the aggregate is mostly types that cannot otherwise be recycled, and would go directly to a landfill. Most of the glass used at Dakota Surfaces is processed in house and is acquired from local sources. These countertops end up being about 80 to 85% recycled material.
The binding resin can be ordered to be almost any color imaginable, much like house paint. Also, there are many colors and types of glass aggregate available which can come in various sizes from the size of grains of sand to chunks a couple of inches across. Sand, gravel or other types of crushed stone is an option as well. You can design your own custom recipe, and samples can be made for a small fee.
The traditional thickness is 3 cm (about 1 3/16″), but it can be made as thin as 1/2″ for things like backsplash tiles. Every job is custom made, so the thickness can easily be altered.
The material is amazingly strong and stable and not likely to crack like a natural stone. However, it is possible to chip the glass aggregate if something very heavy (like a hammer) is dropped on the surface. This is a normally a simple repair, as more resin can be added and polished out.
Like other man-made countertop materials, it is extremely stain resistant, though not stain proof. It’s generally a good idea to clean spills fairly quickly, especially acidic or caustic liquids.
Approximately 10′ x 5′. Larger countertops will require a seam, and the pieces can either be simply butted next to each other with a silicone sealant, or for a fee, be welded together with more resin and then polished on site. A polished seam might still be visually noticeable, but will feel perfectly smooth. Often times, a seam can be placed in an inconspicuous area.
No. A very hot pan could discolor or distort the resin binding material. Always use a trivet after taking a hot pan off of the stove or out of the oven.
No. A knife could leave marks, and it will definitely damage your knife. Always use a cutting board.
12″ to 14″ is generally the limit for an unsupported bar extension.
No. While the material is extremely robust, wide temperature swings and direct sunlight can shorten it’s useful life.
Using soap and water with a soft cloth is ideal, and household glass cleaners also work very well. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads, as they can dull the finish of the countertop.
No special treatment is necessary, though it’s always best to wipe up spills fairly quickly, especially acidic or caustic liquids.
Dakota Surfaces generally services the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and surrounding suburbs, but can often travel further for no charge. Call or email to see if your location would require a mileage fee.
The price is comparable to other man made quartz surfaces, or on the higher end of granite. However, it’s considerably less than other similar custom countertops made from recycled ingredients, thanks to our low-waste manufacturing process and our ability to process locally sourced raw material.


For a free estimate or to have a large collection of samples brought to you, call or email to set up a time. Or, you can get an estimate right away by providing a simple plan of your proposed project. The easiest way to do it is to roughly sketch it out on a piece of paper, listing the length of each edge in inches, and showing which edges need to be polished. Then, just take a quick picture of your sketch with your phone and email or text it to:

(612) 968-1412