Eco-friendly Countertops

Like other man-made countertop products, ours are made using an aggregate that is held together by a very strong binder, then ground and polished to a sheen. In this case, the aggregate is crushed recycled glass, most of which is not recyclable and would otherwise just be sent to a land fill. The binder is a zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) epoxy matrix that is not only environmentally friendly, but can come in nearly every color of the rainbow.

Most of the glass we use is gathered locally and processed in-house with our own grinding and sorting equipment. So, not only are we reducing the amount of waste going to our landfills, but by keeping everything local, the carbon footprint of our countertops is considerably smaller than that of other similar products.

Most countertop production facilities make rectangular slabs that are later cut down into the desired shape, producing a high percentage of waste. Dakota Surfaces makes each piece one at a time in the desired shape from the very beginning, so we don’t need to cut pieces off and throw them away. Not only does this make environmental sense, but it helps keep the price down for the customer.

Besides kitchen and bath countertops, our material works great for backsplashes, tables, fireplace surrounds, retail service counters and reception desks.

Other aggregates are available beyond recycled glass as well. Sand, gravel and other decorative stones can be used to produce a very organic looking surface.

Since each job is made one at a time, you have the option to come up with your own one of a kind design. Samples can be made ahead of time for a small fee to ensure that it’s what you had in mind.